5 Ways to Potentially Increase Productivity and Success Over the Summer

By: Thaaer Alrajab

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The Summer and Success

With the summer coming up this year as temperatures rise across many parts of the world, some have argued that it is the time to boost success and productivity.

Success and productivity have a complex definition, depending on a person’s perspective, but it can be summarized by many as changing for the better in some sort of way.

With the free time that summer offers to a large number of people, many argue that it should be spent well and towards this goal of success and productivity. This argument is also made because many notice that rather than taking advantage of their free time, they actually become less productive, according to an article by Fast Company.

With that being said, here are 5 ways that experts say can boost productivity and success over the summer.

1. Set Goals.

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A Forbes article describes goal setting as an “extremely powerful technique” and can boost performance due to its calls to action. A common reason according to experts, for not being able to be productive, especially in the summer, is not even planning what to do.

A simple 3 goals for every month, every week, or even just for the whole summer can bring about great results. These goals can include anything from wanting to start a personal project to wanting to create another stream of income or learning a new skill.

It is important to note that achieving this goal of productivity in the summer does not rely on completing the goal, but rather just starting it. Remember, many defined productivity and success as simply changing for the better.

For example, a vast goal such as starting a personal project or side hustle will likely not succeed off the bat, but simply starting it will mean that you have changed from not taking any action to starting what could be successful.

The terms and how many of these goals are set by you, and as long as there are goals, the first step of productivity and success is taken.

2. Increase Useful Knowledge

Experts and successful people alike argue that knowledge is an essential asset to possess for success.

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The idea of constant learning will allow people to incorporate more and more useful things into their life, increasing their productivity, success, and knowledge.

Jeff Hester, a speaker and astrophysicist, says,” Knowledge is the key to success.”

By knowledge, experts do not mean academic subjects like mathematics, English, or history. They mean another type of knowledge that can be leveraged into one’s life at almost anytime and help them succeed either as a person or financially.

This can be done by reading a book or learning something online. One could learn a lucrative skill such as real estate investing or learn to better themself as an individual.

The bottom line that many agree upon is learning something useful that will change you, even the slightest, from the person that you were before summer.

3. Stay Healthy with Excercise and Food

A study by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management showed that workday exercise improved the well-being of participants and yielded a 72% improvement in time management and workload completed based on a time interval.

The image above shows common exercises. (Source: Touchpoint)

Doctors also say that exercise in particular is known to reduce stress, combat fatigue, and improve performance. All of which are key pivot points in terms of productivity and success.

Many experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise per day for 5 days of the week to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, productivity is likely increased as a result of the discipline that this builds along with the proven confidence that comes from it.

Health does not just refer to exercise, but also to diet and mental health. It is important to also maintain a good supply of food. This means making sure to drink enough water and eat enough food with proteins and other helpful contents.

With mental health, staying healthy can come from taking breaks when needed and even meditating.

Health as a whole is a strong contributor to productivity, so experts recommend staying healthy for optimal productivity and success.

4. Sectionalize Your Summer into Sprints

Summer is not meant to be a marathon, according to Fast Company. It is rather meant to be treated like intervals. Intervals would likely consist of working hard for a large portion of the interval and taking a break for the remainder.

Working in such sectionalized portions prevents burnouts and procrastination of goals. If one works in an interval of week by week rather than a marathon of the whole summer, they can optimize themselves to contribute something to their goals by the end of that week.

This interval system also brings about a higher will to be productive as one knows that there will be a break at the end of the week.

Such a mindset is healthier than the mindset of working hard the whole summer and taking a break at the end. Experts say that most people who go about their summers in this manner tend to not be as productive as they could have been as they simply lose motivation or burnout.

When there is a balance of hard work and some time to take a break, there will be optimal results.

The idea of balance for near-perfect results is found in many parts of life as a whole, so people say it would come as no surprise that it would yield productivity.

5. Make Time for a Break

Building off of what we mentioned earlier, breaks are an important part of sectionalizing one’s summer.

Blake Emal’s tweet about breaks. (Source: Twitter)

We gave the example of moving in week-by-week intervals, but in order to succeed in being productive, balance will likely have to be a factor. That’s where breaks come into play.

Lisa Zaslow, the founder of Gotham Organizers, described taking breaks, saying,” Even if it’s just for a few days, plan a vacation. Knowing that you’re going to have time off creates real deadlines that will spur you to work effectively.”

Whether it’s a one-week vacation or a small break at the end of the week, enough breaks will essentially keep you from burning out.

Experts also note that it is important not to take too many breaks either. Most people argue that for there to be a break, enough productivity and work must be done first.

With the right balance of breaks and work, there is likely a higher chance of productivity and success.

These 5 Tips

There are likely more tips to achieve success and productivity both in the summer and just in general, but most experts and people agree about the ones mentioned above.

Many even argue that setting goals, increasing knowledge, staying healthy, working in intervals, and making time for breaks also prove effective for productivity and success at any time.

But for now, it’s summer, and more people are beginning to prepare for it.

You’ve reached the end of this article, thanks for reading!

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