About Truthful Society

Welcome to Truthful Society, a website I decided to create to honestly and seriously
discuss commonly avoided topics about society, the world, and everyday life.
Read the whole thing, it’s worth it and you might even benefit from it too.
Oftentimes, people lie to themselves, even if they know the
truth, because they know that the truth might be harder or
will hurt more. I know this very well from my own personal
experience. These lies can be made and seen in almost every
aspect of life from morals to societal events, similar to
how truth can be seen and lived with in every aspect of
life. Part of the reason I created this website, being a high
school senior, is that most people, whether my age or not,
need to see and understand this perspective of the truth.
I’ve also noticed that when many people choose to speak
about this topic, it becomes hard to understand for a
handful of listeners that might not understand complex
vocabulary and really formal and classical English. If
anything, it bores me easily. Therefore, I have made this
website as an understandable alternative to relate to
people that might be reading this and the rest of my
content. I made this website to show them that I am exactly
like them and have probably thought like them too, while
speaking of honest perspectives and the truth of culture
and world events today. This website welcomes all sorts
of perspectives up for debate as long as they are with respect.
With that being said, I intend to use this platform to unite
people, regardless of race, sex, religion, etc. and discuss
the truths of everything from morals to events in the
world. Only through the truth and being united can great
change take place.
The intent of promoting and discussing honest perspectives
about morals and society is to truly change the world for
many people who might be reading. The lack of Truth, both in
one’s self and in world events, can result in harmful
If you’re with me, join the society.

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