Advantages of the Lockdown

taking advantage of the lockdown , covid lockdown
My PC was probably the most useful asset during the lockdown.

If the lockdown has not affected you in some way, shape, or form then you might be living on another planet, especially if you have not thought about the advantages of the lockdown.

On a serious note, so many people [definitely including me] have experienced the new situations created by this pandemic.

Not everyone took advantage of it, but there are definitely some who used it and turned it positive.

For me, it was a mix of both. I turned it positive, but I also could’ve done more. With that being said, this post will be my rollercoaster of a story.

I know what you’re thinking right now.

“The lockdown is already over so I don’t really need to think about it.”

You’re right. But for all you know, the lockdown could definitely return in the near or far future. Keep in mind, the virus has not completely disappeared.

My story might just make something clear to you that you didn’t see before.

Advantages of the Lockdown [For Me]

I’m not the only one that benefited to an extent from the lockdown. A post by The Indigo Sparkle actually went into depth about all the positive things that came out of this whole ordeal.

That goes to show that no matter what, there was at least one good thing from the lockdown.

Now, in no way am I trying to brag and say something like “look at me, I got all this stuff done over quarantine.”

Don’t worry, we’ll get to the unfavorable parts of my lockdown too. With that in mind, I’ll start off by making a big point here.

Using my Alone Time

The alone time was needed. 100%.

One of the biggest advantages of the lockdown was the increase in alone time I had. I am aware that some people do not like to be alone a lot, but some alone time is always good for everyone, especially when they need to get their stuff together.

advantages of the lockdown, alone time
This shows some of the benefits of alone time. No, you’re not a loner if you like alone time.

When the lockdown started, I was in the middle of my sophomore year. Believe me, I was very immature. This was everything including “your mom” jokes and trying to make everyone laugh.

When the lockdown began and I finally realized that school was out for the rest of the year, a part of me felt lonely.

Eventually, I accepted it and thought about how to deal with it. During my sophomore year, I kept promising myself I would do something to change for the better, but I never did. At least not until the lockdown.

Because of all the time I had alone in the lockdown, I began learning to live by myself socially without relying on others. Thus as the months passed, I lost the need to make people laugh.

Finding My Main Purpose

I’m not saying I did not talk to any of my friends for the whole lockdown. In fact, I did. But even when I did, there was still more alone time to me with no obligation for me to speak to anyone when I did not feel like it.

That allowed me to socially isolate myself for a day or two when I needed to think about something deep or get work done.

With all that thinking, I questioned my purpose. Yeah, my life was getting better because I was working on myself, but what about my purpose.

Why am I alive?

I knew one huge thing about myself: in some way, I wanted to make a change in the world.

Something that will better the injustices of the world and better the lives of those struggling.

I wasn’t rich, yet [I’m still not], so I knew that I couldn’t really donate a lot of money or start a foundation. Then it hit me.

“Whoever from amongst you sees an evil should change it by his hand, if he is unable to do so then he should change it by his tongue [speaking against it], and if he is unable to do so then he should reject it in his heart…”

Prophet Muhammad, the messenger of Islam

I realized, especially with the help of this quote, that I could change the world through my words. And what better place to do that than the internet.

My Website is Born

With my logic, I figured that making a website [more specifically a blog] would serve this purpose that I was so deeply passionate about.

With that, this became one of the advantages of the lockdown.

I began building my website, which was then known as The Political Times. I figured that writing about politics in an unbiased manner would change people’s perspectives on the whole thing.

advantages of the lockdown
This used to be some of the stuff I would publish on my old stuff. Not so interesting to the average person, though.

This would obviously change later with the birth of Truthful Society.

I spent a full year writing on this website, as I started it in April of 2020. But here’s where my advantage turns into a disadvantage.

The Blog [and my] Disadvantage

Despite writing for a full year, I failed to do the appropriate research to teach myself to properly grow.

Deep down, I knew that if I wanted to grow ASAP, I needed to research everything that had to do with posting online. However, I was somewhat lazy and decided that just posting every week consistently was enough.

A full year went by with no major growth or progress. A whole year.

I wasted a full year just like that and I definitely felt disheartened. But either way, it taught me that there really are no shortcuts.

I started Truthful Society as a clean slate and researched everything. To be honest, I’m still researching as we speak. This includes SEO, marketing and promotion, social media, writing better posts, and connecting more with my readers.

truthful society
The magnificent Truthful Society logo: I made it myself and it took a while to finalize it to my liking.

In a way, this was not entirely a disadvantage as I learned something from it and now it actually brings in some progress.

But I still lost a full year of precious time.

My Relationship Disadvantage

Sure, some of my social life suffered from the lockdown. By this, I mean that I probably did not talk to some of my friends as often near the beginning. But even that got better as time progressed.

So what am I talking about?

Specifically, I’m talking about an actual relationship with another person. I went into a lot of detail about what to do, what not to do, and my story regarding relationships in another post. Basically, my perspective has changed.

I’m not going to get into the full story now because I already wrote about it and because I don’t feel like it. I’ll give you an overview instead.

I essentially almost dated a girl that I really liked. In my mind, she had all of the characteristics of a significant other. For private reasons and because I believed that the relationship would not last for the long term, I did not take it up.

That does not mean that I did not want to work.

It was a painful decision to make, simply because what I did was factoring in for the future, rather than just for the present.

The Prolonged Effects of Almost Dating

The lockdown made me feel more inclined to get a significant other from the start [I’m not saying that that’s the only reason I wanted to be with this person].

For me, it took some time to accept the state of the situation, so I consider it somewhat of a disadvantage because of the pain I felt.

This was also one of the advantages of the lockdown because it changed my perspective and led to the post I wrote on relationships. Furthermore, I developed the mindset that I have now because of it and it made me value my relationships with others as a whole.

Sometimes, I still do think about what happened, and it still tends to sadden me.

I consider that another disadvantage but at the end of the day, I end up accepting the situation and try to keep moving forward.

It really isn’t easy to completely move forward at once, so it takes time in this case.

The Lockdown’s Lessons

Among the advantages of the lockdown for me were the various things I learned.

No, I’m not talking about school or life lessons [although I learned a lot].

I’m talking about actual knowledge that you’d use to get through life.

I began to read a lot more books, especially when I wanted to learn about something. I read about the stock market, real estate, mindset, wealth, etc.

Getting Into Stocks

These books really helped me the most when I started trying to put some of them to use. Earlier this year, I began trading in the stock market [long term trading]. There were plenty of ups and downs as I was still learning but after a while, I began to see better results.

 truthful society, spus graph
SPUS is one of the funds that I have been trading. The graph above shows its performance this year,

This along with the books I read allowed me to become financially smarter and understand wealth.

Getting to Love Yourself

I’ve also learned to love myself more. This is kind of obvious as the more time you spend with someone, the more you’ll like them.

That goes for yourself too.

The Biggest Lesson of the Lockdown

Everyone’s got their own story when it comes to the lockdown, so definitely share it in the comments.

The advantages of the lockdown were beneficial and all but that doesn’t mean that I’ve become perfect now.

No. Definitely not. If you know me, you know this well.

If anything, I’ve got more to go. Not just me, but everyone. No one can finish developing until they die.

This single lesson from the lockdown that you all must take home is this:

Live your whole life learning and developing, you can never stop being better.

You’ve reached the end of this post, hopefully, you got something from it!

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In 2019, he started his first website, The Political Times. After he finally began to grow, he realized that his audience wanted a different type of content. This led to the creation of Truthful Society.


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