#14 College Scholarship for Golf? – Nathan Tseng | Podcast Episode

college scholarship and confidence

Nathan Tseng is a high school senior who recently verbally committed to play D1 Golf at the University of California, San Diego. He plans to pursue his passion for Golf competitively and professionally. Having done aikido, he has also dabbled within some martial arts. You can already see that this man is going places, and if you join us for this episode, you might learn a thing or two.

The School System Controversy of America

With the modern school system being first created in 1837, many of its fundamentals are still prominent today. This has led to many opinions with some being for the American school system and some being against it. With some believing that the US has gotten down some good aspects in its system and some believing that the school system is failing, the topic has sparked many debates. Read as we explore the modern school system, what some believe as its failures, what others believe as its successes, and mental health within students.