The Meaning of Truth – Is it Really Opinion-Based?

the meaning of truth on truthful society

How can I call this website 'Truthful Society' if I don't write about the meaning of truth? Knowing this, you probably now understand why this is an important topic to cover. This post will outline the different types of truth and how they all play a role in your life. With this post, you'll want to read to the end because it might just change how you view your life and decisions.

Failure or Success? — Why Failure is an Option

success or failure

Failure or Success? I'll keep the answer simple and short. Both. They go hand in hand. Sounds generic, right? However, I could probably name tons of different generic rules of life that people [including me] overlook.Rather, avoiding failure is a popular idea especially pushed in today's school system. They'll say something stupid like 'Failure is not an option.' Well, boy is that wrong. So wrong that I'm going to share with you precisely why failure is an option.

#08 Podcast Commentary: Crazy Relationship Myths and Facts

Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know that relationships are looked upon with such glory in today's world. But is it really all that good? Joined by Andrew Sung, an editor for the Troy Oracle and a debater in the field of societal norms, I delved into all the myths that have been constructed about relationships and why they work or don't work

It’s All About Getting into a Relationship…Right?

If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you are a loser and are missing out... right? That's what has been subconsciously pushed around in today's environment, but it's just not the case. There is a lot more to love and relationships than just getting into one. I wrote this article to clear things up regarding love and responsibility in a relationship, especially with younger people.

Is It Really Just Luck? — The Truth About Wealth

When people think of someone like Elon Musk or Bill Gates, they'll think of how insanely rich they are. They might fantasize that one day they might become that wealthy, but deep down they think its impossible. That's not the case though. This post delves into the truths of wealth, and what it really takes to become wealthy.

The School System Controversy of America

With the modern school system being first created in 1837, many of its fundamentals are still prominent today. This has led to many opinions with some being for the American school system and some being against it. With some believing that the US has gotten down some good aspects in its system and some believing that the school system is failing, the topic has sparked many debates. Read as we explore the modern school system, what some believe as its failures, what others believe as its successes, and mental health within students.