#16 Developing a Revolutionary Computer Algorithm – Eric Jamieson

In this episode, the actual Thaaer is on vacation in Saudi Arabia and thus the episode is a prerecorded minisode. Regardless, this episode is very valuable. Join Thaaer as he talks about risk-taking and why you should do it when you're young, why risk is needed in a successful life, and Thaaer's own risky experience in the stock market. Listen to this episode on the podcast with the truth you may or may not want to hear. CONNECT WITH TRUTHFUL SOCIETY: Website: truthfulsociety.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_truthfulsociety_/ SUPPORT THIS PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/thaaer-alrajab — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thaaer-alrajab/message
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The long-awaited season two of the podcast is finally out!

Not only did I get a nicer mic, but I also updated the artwork. There are plenty of more surprises that season 2 has to offer!

I’ve got a lot of interesting guests booked for the season and I can safely say that this podcast took a HUGE upgrade.

This first episode with Eric Jamieson, a senior at my high school, was a great start to the season.

You won’t want to miss how this guy made a computer algorithm with huge potential, IN HIGH SCHOOL.

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Computer science algorithm

Passion, Computer Science, and Future Success?

Eric, the guest, has been working on a data compression algorithm for the last four years and plans on pursuing it further in college.

The reason why this is revolutionary is that this idea itself can be built-in within many software, hardware, and even used by companies.

Who doesn’t want more storage space?

In the episode, we did not just talk about computer science. We talked about building passion and starting off the new year right.

There are so many things in this episode that I wish my younger self would have known sooner, so don’t miss it.

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