Experience and Internships – Why Consider It?

If you end up deciding to get involved with activities or jobs that gain you experience, you literally build your life to the top.

Experience and internships probably remind you of schooling or some sort of education. Maybe even college.

Although it does apply in that sense for me, internships and experience are not just for students of any sort.

They’re for everyone.

More specifically, everyone that’s looking to add more to their life, whether it be finding their purpose or improving at some aspect of life.

That right there is exactly the purpose of this article. Internships and experience are unimaginably beneficial for students like those in college, yet they can be just as beneficial for everyone else.

It is for that reason that you might want to read this post to the full. You won’t want to miss any opportunities or ideas.

If you want to get right into how to take advantage of these two powerful tools, feel free to navigate right to the section in the table of contents below.

With that out of the way, here’s more on experience and internships.

Experience and Internships Aren’t Just for Students

Despite how it may seem, anyone can benefit from experience and internships.

If you’re looking to find your purpose or just learn something beneficial to your success like wealth management, internships and experience of any kind will literally be your best teacher.

So what does this mean?

It’s not rocket science.

Sure if you’re a high school or college student these internships and experiences will boost your chances of acceptance to a school or help you choose your major, but even people later in their lives can learn a thing or two from them.

How in the World does this Apply to Everyone?

“Learn continually – there’s always ‘one more thing’ to learn!”

Steve Jobs

This quote alone singled-handedly answered that question.

To add to that, this blog post by Jim Borden explains it in more detail. Continuously learning, even from mistakes, is what makes you succeed. It only works as long as you take action.

experience and internships benefits
This little image I found on Google shows you just why internships and experience are useful.

In case that wasn’t enough explaining, I’ll dive into it for you.

Let’s say you’re not applying to any schools or you’re already done with high school/college. Then how does an internship or experience help?

You keep learning. With these two tools, you can keep adding to yourself.

Based on almost every successful person, this is how you better yourself in the long run and put yourself on the road to success.

Not to mention, the networking all of this provides is essential to future success. Getting your name out there is everything.

Even if you’re not in school, you can still keep learning.

Whatever it is that you’re interested in or want to explore, go out there and get experience for it.

Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 40. Just do it.

What About Experience and Internships for Students?

If you’re a student like me, chances are you may have done an internship or something that gives you experience.

There really are three main reasons for seeking experience and internships during this time of your life.

These are:

  • College or School Acceptance / Resume
  • Seeking Connections and Opportunities
  • Exploring Passions and Careers

There are probably more reasons that I forgot to mention but, oh well. Correct me in the comments.

However, doing internships and experience at this age solidifies your interests and helps you build experience in various fields of your life.

What does that experience and connections lead to? You guessed it!


That’s why everyone currently stresses the importance of volunteering at your local shelter or landing an internship somewhere interesting.

Moreover, these experiences and job opportunities give you a glimpse into an adult’s life in whatever career or thing you’re exploring.

You’ll be able to then see if you really want to take on a said career or do said thing.

You’ll find this surprising but since I am also a student, I myself have been going after internships and life experience.

With this, my story comes in.

My Internship at a Pulmonary Practice

I actually interned earlier this year at a medical practice by the name of Orange County Lung Center.

This is the logo for the place I interned at.

The thing is, it was almost perfect for me. Considering I wanted to get into the medical field in the future [more specifically the pulmonary physician field], this internship taught me so much more about my desired profession.

It showed me the ins and outs of how things work. Essentially, that information right there was so vital to me if I ever hoped to start my own practice.

This is why internships are so useful to not just students, but anyone with a dream within the field of this experience.

For reference, some. of the things I did at Orange County Lung Center include:

  • Helping the medical assistants contact insurances and labs
  • Booking patients in
  • Copying and organizing paperwork
  • Helping the medical assistants administer a pulmonary function test
  • Observing patients with the doctors
  • Learning so much more about the field I dreamt of

Keep in mind, you could do all. of these things at the age of 35 or even 60 if you wanted to.

I just wanted to throw that out there.

So as you can probably see, this internship gave me exclusive first-hand experience. Not only that, but it might help me with my college applications.

It most certainly will help you too in these ways.

How to Generally Take Advantage of Experience and Internships

Well, now that you know that experience and internships can be taken advantage of no matter the age, here are some of the best ways to do so.

By all means, I recommend you go out and actually try these things listed, or else they won’t work.

Sounds obvious, right?

Taking Advantage of Experience and Internships

1. Think About What You Want to Try or Learn

Maybe you wanted to get into stocks or learn the truth about wealth.

Maybe you want to be a doctor like your dad.

Basically, it can be anything. The point is that you’ve got to sit down and actually think about it.

You’ve got to desire to learn or pursuing whatever it is.

Once you decide that and it will benefit you in your life, you can move on.

2. Network: Get Yourself Out There

So you know what you want to pursue, but how are you going to find that opportunity?

Networking. If you don’t put yourself out there, no one will do it for you.

You can use applications like LinkedIn where you can reach out to other employers in search of the opportunity you pursue.

To add to that, there are ways like meeting new people at conventions or meetings of any sort.

As long as you can get your name out there, you’ll eventually find that one opportunity.

3. Start the Experience or Internship

Once you find that opportunity, it’s time to start.

If it’s an internship or job experience, get right into it. Don’t wait to start it.

Go there with the intent to learn instead of the intent to get it over with.

If this experience is just you starting to do something on your own, stay consistent with it and try to add new things to your knowledge from it.

if you look close enough, you’ll see that the point I am trying to get at is that you’ve got to keep learning from it.

4. Give it Your All

If you don’t give this opportunity or experience all of your efforts, it won’t go very far.

Not giving it enough effort stems from either a lack of desire or a lack of discipline. Build them both or you won’t ever come near success.

Giving this your all will let you learn the most and maximize everything you’ll get from it.

Sometimes, going to that extra extent is just what differentiates you from everyone else.

5. Get Your Questions Answered

Whatever it is that you’re curious about in regards to your experience or internship, get it answered.

Either answer it yourself or ask someone.

Regardless, you should not leave something that you want to learn unlearned.

Doing that will just void the whole purpose of your internship or experience. Remember, you’re going to hopefully be using what you learn there in the future for your success.

So take it seriously.

6. Rinse and Repeat When Needed

This whole process can be repeated infinitely many times until you die of course. Therefore, don’t be afraid to keep doing the internship and experience process with things you want to pursue or become familiar with.

If you plan on using whatever it is you want in your future towards success, you can use this as an efficient process to become familiar with it and keep learning.

As long as you keep learning, you’ll keep adding.

Now, who doesn’t want a better them?

A better them will surface with the pursuit of knowledge [inlcuding using internships or experience].

Never forget, this pursuit of knowledge can be done at any age. No excuses.

You’ve reached the end of this post, hopefully, you got something from it!

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