Failure or Success? — Why Failure is an Option

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Failure or Success? I’ll keep the answer simple and short.

Both. They go hand in hand.

Sounds generic, right? However, I could probably name tons of different generic rules of life that people [including me] overlook.

Everyone knows that failure is bound to happen at some point and that it’s not the end of the world, but do they actually incorporate that knowledge when it’s needed most?

Rather, avoiding failure is a popular idea especially pushed in today’s school system. They’ll say something stupid like ‘Failure is not an option.’ Well, boy is that wrong. So wrong that I’m going to share with you precisely why failure is an option.

You’ll want to stick around for the whole post because you’ll end up reading things I wish I knew when I started my first website.

Who knows? You might just use this information when you need it most.

Yes, Failure is as Important as Your Phone

What? How’s failure that important? There’s no way I can make calls with failure.

Failure is that important. And not for the reasons you might think.

Sure you’ve been told that you can learn something from failure but that doesn’t put it into perspective well enough. I’ll put it to you in a better way.

Success itself is not free and has no shortcuts. You cannot expect a video you found on Youtube to tell you how to get rich quickly with amazing secrets. Sure if you read an article that doesn’t promise you those shortcuts, you might actually learn something but generally, shortcuts like that don’t exist.

There is only one secret to success, and that’s that there are no secrets. No shortcuts.

Just pure hard work. With success [including something like businesses], it’s genuinely just building it from the ground up. It is that hard with no shortcuts. Hence, success is not free.

Failing and Pushing Through is the Price of Success

Rather, you pay for success with failure, sometimes consistent failure. Here’s the catch though:

You only get rewarded with success if you choose to keep going after your failure(s).

With that being said, failure is not only a teacher, but it’s a currency. It’s the first payment to pay for success, with the second being pushing through it.

Once you see failure first as the currency used to buy success, and then a teacher with many lessons, you’ll feel more inclined to keep going and more likely to make the best out of it.

My Failure

Keeping that in mind, I’ll share with you one of my biggest failures. Don’t let the word failure trick you, I needed this failure more than anything.

That failure was my first website, The Political Times.

failure of the political times
This was the site logo for my first website, The Political Times.

I was posting consistently, sometimes three times a week, for a full year, expecting to grow if I just keep posting more. My posts weren’t all that special as I was just posting politics and news. My posts were not voiced by me, and therefore they did not feel authentic.

For a full year, I wondered why I had gotten nowhere on my website and told myself that it was because I was not posting enough.

I want to say I was ignorant, but that is a big word. Regardless, I was not very keen as to what my failures were trying to tell me: what I was doing was not working.

What the failure of most of my posts was trying to teach me was that I had to change something up, rather than keep posting the same content more consistently. I questioned if I should actually change what I posted and my actual site but I dismissed it.

I’ll be honest here; I did so because I thought changing all that would be too much work. Dismissing my failure’s message was the reason why I went on a full year without progress.

Failure Gave Me Progress

Just a couple of months ago, I finally decided to listen to my failure and I changed things up to what I personally would want to write about. Since then, I’ve actually seen much better progress than I did for that full year.

Yeah, that failure sucked [and me ignoring it made it worse], but in the end, I kept going with the new information I’ve learned and now I actually see progress. Now, I can see that blogging isn’t just writing and has things like promotion, social media, and site-building involved in it.

You can and will see progress too if you repurpose your failure, learn from it, and keep going.

Common Knowledge or Not? Why Do People Give Up?

Remember how I mentioned that ‘not giving up and pushing forward’ is thought of as common knowledge?

Well, yeah, it is. But that does not explain why people still give up.

Most people will know tons of common knowledge, but they still won’t think it through and actually incorporate it into their life. That explains why most of them will overlook the fact that there’s no ‘super secret’ to achieving some sort of success.

Regardless, people give up for one reason. It’s the easier route.

why people who fail give up
This graphic gives a couple of the best reasons as to why people give up. However, it’s missing laziness.

The easier thing to do is to kick back and stop where you’re at. Why? Because it did not work the first time.

If that logic doesn’t sound stupid to you, I don’t know what does.

Always Choose Long-Term Over Short-Term

Obviously, giving up quickly will end your journey to that certain success you were waiting for. At the price of giving that dream up, you get immediate relief.

If there’s one thing this life will teach you, it’s that short-term means nothing compared to long-term. You’ll likely trade out the struggle that usually comes with a long-term goal for instant relief and then struggles.

However, if you go about with struggling first and then relief, that relief is not bound by the incoming struggle as the other case is.

What I’m trying to say is struggle now so you can relax later. You’ll thank yourself later and you’ll achieve that dream you were after.

How To Use Failure to Your Advantage

The hardest part about using your failure to your advantage is making the decision to do so instead of giving up.

If you do that, congrats, you’ve taken the first and hardest step.

Now repurposing your failure to something beneficial to you can be done in multiple ways. More precisely, it might vary from person to person depending on what you choose to do but here are some things that work best.

The Best Ways to Turn Failure Into Success

  • Change something up – if you fail in your journey to success, that is basically your plan telling that what you did won’t work. If so, change it up and try that. You’re bound to hit the mark if you try and see what works best.

  • You know what not to do – similar to the previous point, your failure essentially tells you what not to do. With that, you can scratch certain plans off and try different things until you find something that works. That’s exactly what I did with my website and in my case, I found that promoting worked best.

failure to success
Pretty self-explanatory. Graphic by Kognity.

  • Don’t run from your fears of reocurring failure – if you fail, the last thing you want to do is be afraid of failing again. These failures are what morph you plan into its ultimate desired goal, if not better. Rather than running or avoiding, face them head on. You might just spot an opportunity.

  • Take a break to think – sometimes all you really need is a break. Take a break, whether it be a day or a week, from what you’ve been working on to relax and think. You could even simply go on a walk. I love meditating personally. This refreshes your mind and allows you to come up with something.

  • Stay realistic with a hint of imagination – I’m not saying to avoid dreaming big. No. Dream big, but have realistic expectations of yourself. You’re not going to be able to quickly get rich in a year easily or achieve your goal without struggling and feeling the difficulty. You’re also not going to be able to make all humans possess the ability to fly. Stay realistic with some moderate imagination.

Failure Was Always an Option for Success

Usually, when people will think of failure, they’ll think it’s something negative. The truth behind it is that it’s actually always been an option, even in school.

Every single person has failed in some sort of way in their life. Whether it’s with having an irresponsible relationship or being unable to find your purpose, everyone’s failed and continued living.

What’s the point here?

What do you think happens when people fail on a small scale?

Take a child for example. If they touch a hot stove, they’ll burn their hand badly and start crying. However, they would have learned that touching the stove will result in burning their hand.

Every time you fail [depending on how much you analyze it], you’ll get some sort of message out of it.

Still don’t see it yet?

I’ll say it loud and clear. Failure was always an option to achieve success.

Now go out there and fail with a smile on your face. And keep going. Maybe fail again. And then stand right back up.

You’ve reached the end of this post, hopefully, you got something from it!

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