Failure was Always an Option – Vjay Vankaduru and David Alcantara | #10 Podcast Commentary

In this episode, the actual Thaaer is on vacation in Saudi Arabia and thus the episode is a prerecorded minisode. Regardless, this episode is very valuable. Join Thaaer as he talks about risk-taking and why you should do it when you're young, why risk is needed in a successful life, and Thaaer's own risky experience in the stock market. Listen to this episode on the podcast with the truth you may or may not want to hear. CONNECT WITH TRUTHFUL SOCIETY: Website: Instagram: SUPPORT THIS PODCAST: — Send in a voice message:
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I’ve made posts before about success on this website, so it would really only make sense to talk about failure too.


Well, not only did I make a post about that, but I made a podcast episode too [one of the best yet in my opinion].

The one BIGGEST THING that this podcast episode aims to hammer into all of your head is:

Failure is only bad if you stop because of it, instead of using it to your advantage.

I’ll get more into that later, but this podcast episode itself had a lot more personal experience stories in it. I decided to add that because I realized that I probably should not repeat everything that I already wrote about.

So what better than to add some personal experience?

And that’s exactly what I did. I also was joined by Vjay Vankadaru and David Alcantara as we all talked about the meanings of failure, how to genuinely take advantage of it while applying it, and our own brushes with failure. By listening to the full episode, you might even learn from our failures.

I know that this episode is a little late, especially because I posted the post around a week and a half ago. The reason for that was because I had to get hold of my guests and find a great time to have them on. I hope the quality of the episode makes up for that.

With that being said, here’s what I’ve got to say about the episode.

What’s There to Say about Failure

A lot, actually. This podcast really put a spotlight on experiences, being either small or large.

What does that mean?

Regardless of the size of the failure, be it small or large, you can still use it to your advantage and learn something.

It could be as small as learning not to touch a hot stove or as big as learning to completely revamp something that isn’t working. Either way, you took a step forward [regardless of how small or big].

As long as you’re moving forward and not stopping or moving backward.

Main Points about Failure:

  • Understand that you’re failing

  • Try something different

  • Keep on going [don’t stop because of your failure unless it’s to start something better]

  • Fail with pride, as long as you plan to use it

These points here are really the parents of success when it comes to using failure.If you want success, then you must pass through failure. It’s the price.

So go out there and fail. Keep failing.

But come right back up and that failure doesn’t mean anything.

You’ve reached the end of this post, hopefully, you got something from it!

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