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[Honesty Defined] Is that it? Or is the truth made up of a lot of little lies? Does it change when you’re talking to yourself versus other people? How honest are you with yourself and others? I’ve always valued honesty. I used to think I have […]

Honesty. — Boldly Sew

Quick Comment on Truthful Perspectives

Before I start talking about this post and what’s in it, I want to answer some of the questions you guys probably have in your heads right now.

Trust me, I can read minds.

You might be wondering what this is, and it is basically a pingback to another blog post I read. I decided to spice things up and add a different type of content for this blog.

This is a not-so-formal welcome to Truthful Perspectives, where I talk about some type of content I liked and add some thoughts to it. If you like it, then this plan worked.

If you don’t, let me know what you’d want to read about in the comments.

Boldly Sew’s Post on Honesty

I recommend you go ahead and read this post that defined honesty, but if you don’t I’ll essentially go through what it’s talking about and my thoughts on it.

‘Honesty defined.’ That’s probably what you’d search up to try and find an easy definition. However, something like this has a complex definition that can and will be built upon.

That’s why I bring up Boldly Sew’s post. It defines honesty in an interesting manner. The post begins by explaining that honesty is extremely similar to sincerity, which I totally agree with. Boldly Sew’s post makes an interesting point later by saying that being honest with someone shows them respect and value.

With that being said, I totally agree with that. For example, when it comes to relationships such as marriage, being honest with your significant other builds trust and strengthens the bond. Something like that shows respect and fortifies the foundation of the relationship.

The blog post references this quote to add to their idea of honesty. Not bad, considering Nelson Mandela was relatively influential.

Honesty With Who?

However, the most interesting thing I found in this post was that it started talking about being honest with yourself. That’s literally one of the core principles that I founded my blog on.

It’s literally a given that most people lie to themselves, now more than ever. Why? Because its makes everything easier in the short term and the heat of the moment.

If you have a friend that you aren’t too sure of, mainly because they tend to put you down sometimes and then claim it was a joke, it’s way easier to keep being friends with them.

It won’t be as hard to ‘put up with it’ as to drop them and stop speaking to them out of respect for yourself. Therefore by putting up with them instead of dropping them, you are lying to yourself and saying that they are your true friend.

People lying to themselves is probably one of the core causes of the world’s many issues in society and mental health. I know this because I lied to myself a whole lot in the past. Coming to terms with that, as Boldly Sew’s post mentions, allowed for me to make amends and changing for the better.

The post gets a little more complex, talking about how the question is raised of whether or not there’s any truth in what your mind tells you sometimes.

Just like the author said, there is a little bit of truth in it, along with simple anxiety and self-doubt. If you believe that you won’t succeed in blogging, the truth in that would likely be that you should change something up to feel more confident.

The anxiety and self-doubt part of it is that you had the thought of completely failing, rather than trying something new. Although there is some honesty in these thoughts, the false part of them is just a type of anxiety.

The one best thing this post made very clear was that if there’s anyone you need to be honest with first, it’s yourself.

Now that’s honesty defined.

Honesty Defined: Final Comments

Boldly Sew’s post explained honesty pretty well. Furthermore, here’s what I’ve got to add.

Honesty will not cause a mess for you compared to lying and deceit, even with yourself. Let’s say your lying catches up to you one day. What do you do then? Now you’ve got a huge mess to get out of, but how?

The best way is to avoid that mess in the first place and just tell the truth. The truth serves as a filter for you in your life.

When you are honest about your ideas, opinions, and who you are to others, it will filter out the friends that won’t work well with you or the job that won’t fit with you.

You might be thinking, how about lying to myself? How will that catch up to me?

Oh, it will. And if you wait for it, it’ll be too late.

Let’s say, you lie to yourself by saying that there’s nothing you need to change about yourself or there’s nothing wrong with your insecurities and fears.

Eventually, they will limit your success in the long run and may even leave you surrounded by people that won’t benefit you as much. Lying to yourself will even prevent you from finding your purpose in life and/or even finding happiness.

That’s why the best way to go forward is to be honest with yourself, no matter how hard it will be. This is honesty defined. It includes yourself and others.

It may mean you’ll have to change something. Be it mindset or behavior.

But it will surely also mean a new you, and a new door of opportunities.

You’ve reached the end of this post, hopefully, you got something from it!

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