You Need Family More Than You Think – #19 Maddy Kim

In this episode, the actual Thaaer is on vacation in Saudi Arabia and thus the episode is a prerecorded minisode. Regardless, this episode is very valuable. Join Thaaer as he talks about risk-taking and why you should do it when you're young, why risk is needed in a successful life, and Thaaer's own risky experience in the stock market. Listen to this episode on the podcast with the truth you may or may not want to hear. CONNECT WITH TRUTHFUL SOCIETY: Website: Instagram: SUPPORT THIS PODCAST: — Send in a voice message:
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Just how much do you need family?

Do you even need them?

I myself didn’t really consider that to be honest. Everyone already knows that you should love your family but what about trying to make your relationship work and maybe even better it?

My guest made that point on this week’s episode.

You guys know how I host episodes to get to know my guests and how they try and pursue success and meaningful lives. Well, with this guest, it was more than just mindset and goals that brought her meaning.

Stick around and listen to the full episode on the podcast with the truth you may or may not want to hear!

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Meaningful Relationships with Others Actually Influence You?

All of those gurus out there keep reiterating things like success is a mindset, you’ve got to make goals and stick to them, and what not but how about something else that plays a role?

Believe it or not, the relationships you maintain also play a role.

Whether it’s the friends you surround yourself with or the relationship you have with your family, all contribute to the wellbeing and success in your life.

A relationship of any kind is a two-way mutual thing. You give something and get something in return.

No excuses.

This was, in my opinion, the most valuable point in the whole episode.

Let me know what you think after listening in the comments!

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