Risk It, You Might Succeed – Truthful Minisode


In this episode, the actual Thaaer is on vacation in Saudi Arabia and thus the episode is a prerecorded minisode. Regardless, this episode is very valuable. Join Thaaer as he talks about risk-taking and why you should do it when you're young, why risk is needed in a successful life, and Thaaer's own risky experience in the stock market. Listen to this episode on the podcast with the truth you may or may not want to hear.

Is It Really Just Luck? — The Truth About Wealth

When people think of someone like Elon Musk or Bill Gates, they'll think of how insanely rich they are. They might fantasize that one day they might become that wealthy, but deep down they think its impossible. That's not the case though. This post delves into the truths of wealth, and what it really takes to become wealthy.