The Meaning of Truth Controls Your Life? – Kyle Lin | Episode #12

In this episode, the actual Thaaer is on vacation in Saudi Arabia and thus the episode is a prerecorded minisode. Regardless, this episode is very valuable. Join Thaaer as he talks about risk-taking and why you should do it when you're young, why risk is needed in a successful life, and Thaaer's own risky experience in the stock market. Listen to this episode on the podcast with the truth you may or may not want to hear. CONNECT WITH TRUTHFUL SOCIETY: Website: Instagram: SUPPORT THIS PODCAST: — Send in a voice message:
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My website’s name is literally Truthful Society.

How can I even call myself that with dignity if I don’t make an episode [and blog post] about the meanings of truth?

Well, that’s one reason why I ended up writing the post on the meanings of truth and its role in your life. However, there is another more important reason.

People Suffer from Mixing up the Meanings of Truth

I made this episode because the different meanings of truth and how people mix them up causes visible changes in their lives.

Moreover, the worst part is that most people don’t even realize it.

Essentially, I recorded this episode and wrote the post with the intent to change people’s perspectives and maybe even help them. That’s why I keep saying that you won’t want to miss reading the post or listening to the episode.

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The Episode and Its Personal Experience Stories

This week, I hosted one of my school friends named Kyle Lin.

The thing about Kyle that I liked most and is probably the reason I chose him is that he relates to a lot people at my school. With that in mind, I wanted someone who would relate to the average person and I wanted to hear what he had to say about the meanings of truth on the podcast.

In fact, the episode was very interesting because of this factor.

My Guest Relates to Many with His Story

His personal experience had an interesting connection to mine and that probably helped highlight the important lessons within it.

Usually, you would expect such a philosophical idea to be boring. However, Kyle and I did a fantastic job at keeping it entertaining and full of value.

We did not get lost in a bunch of huge, complex words, and nor did we start debating about the universe.

We kept it nice, plain, and simple.

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The Biggest ‘Truthful’ Lessons from the Episode

One thing to note, be sure to read the actual post on this topic for more detail.

In the episode, I first defined the two most prominent types of truths, keeping it simple.

Basically, I said that there were truths that applied to everyone regardless and truths that applied to people based on personality.

Continuing from there, we also spoke about:

  • Recognizing the differences between the truths

Despite how obvious it sounds, most people fail to differentiate their truths.

They then go use their own false idea of their truths to make decisions in their life and thus conflicts are born.

You need to sit down and really ask yourself if a certain truth or idea in your life applies to everyone or just your personal preference.

Think about it this way:

Will it have any effects on others [whether it goes according to plan or not]

  • Subjective Vs Objective in Society

Just like the last point, you need to sit down and differentiate your truth as being just for you or applying to everyone.

The catch here is that you’ve also got to consider one thing:

Just because society might accept it or think of it as normal does not make it an objective truth.

  • Personal Experience and How to Use it to Learn

In the episode, Kyle and I did speak about our personal experiences but I will leave that for you to go listen to.

However, the most important part of what we talked about was how to use a negative experience to learn.

I did write about this with respect to failure and how it can benefit you before, but in this scenario, you would have to recognize that your perspective of the truth might need to be looked over again.

Regardless of all of this, the one thing I want you to take home is that you should definitely keep seeking knowledge. Even though you might have thought about your truths last month, you might learn something this month that can add to or change it.

Keep on learning and applying.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below.

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