What Do You Want to See on Truthful Society?

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This post is supposed to be entirely about what you want to see. Think about it.

Alright, this post is entirely different from any of the other posts I’ve posted on this website. I’ll get straight to the point.

This post is about you. More specifically, what you want to see on Truthful Society.

Thankfully, I’ve seen some growth in the last couple months with the latest posts and I’ve got plenty of plans for future posts and podcast episodes.

Let Me Know What You Want to See

However, I am curious as to what you, the reader, wants to see. This includes both the podcast and the website. Do not hesitate to voice ANYTHING you want to see in the comments, because I definitely will be looking at them.

My current plans range from finance, self-improvement, relationships; you name it.

Truthful Society’s goal has always been to shed light on controversial, avoided topics and the many perspectives of truth regarding them.

I don’t plan on stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

Especially with the recent growth and opportunity that I am glad to be a part of, I have decided to take my website AND podcast more seriously.

My #1 goal is to grow both more, continuously shed light on such important parts of society and life, and continue to better the experience of my readers on this site.

Taking Truthful Society on Instagram to a New Level

One of the ways I’m planning on working on this goal is to start posting more content on Truthful Society’s Instagram. I’ve been working on it but it will likely begin this sometime this week or next week.

Here’s the current Instagram profile, nothing too special, yet.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise so you’d want to check that out.

Much More to Come

I’ve got much more planned but it’s all still in the works. With that being said, I will also be leaving that as a surprise. Just know it will be in the recent future.

Well, I have been working on many new things including:

  • Website functionality and user interface
  • Social Media Marketing and Promotion
  • More to Come for Mailchimp Email List
  • A Truthful Society Store
  • [Potential] Guest posting capabilities for anyone

Your Preferences are Extremely Important

Even though I mentioned that I have a bunch of things to write about in mind, I still greatly value your feedback.

This is the place to hear from you. Whether it’s what you think, what you want to see, etc.

Go at it. The comments are calling your name.

You’ve reached the end of this post, hopefully, you got something from it!

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Picture of Thaaer Alrajab, Founder of Truthful Society

M. Thaaer Alrajab, who is a high school senior, is the founder of Truthful Society and the host of the Truthful Society podcast. He uses his passion for writing and content creation within his website and podcast.

In 2019, he started his first website, The Political Times. After he finally began to grow, he realized that his audience wanted a different type of content. This led to the creation of Truthful Society.

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